Mooses Masquerading as Meese


Just masquerading around

Mooses often masquerade as meese, in various forms. In this article though, we talk about some celebrities that are often assumed to come from the U. S. of A. but are in actual fact beaver-blooded Canadians.

Justin Beiber – this baby-faced pop star is in fact from Stratford, Ontario. He was discovered not by moving to LA but by posting a video of himself dancing to a Justin Timberlake song on youtube. The rest, as they say, is unfortunately high-pitched history.

Celine Dion – She grew up in French Canada (Charlemagne, Quebec to be exact) and in fact her album as a teenager was entirely in French. Now one of the most successful singers in history, she has several power ballads that continue to be favoured by talent show contestants and easy listening radio stations alike.

Avril Lavigne – though her grunge-pop flavour would place her squarely in the LA music scene, this lilliputian star is in fact from Napanee, Ontario. She is now married to another masquerading moose, Chad Kruger, lead singer of the pop-rock band Nickelback.

Rachel McAdams – this talented actress who started out as a mean girl in the regrettable Rob Schneider comedy The Hot Chick, she has since gone on to make a name for herself in films like The Notebook and Sherlock Holmes (the Robert Downey Junior one.) She was born in London, Ontario (which is starting to look like the pack leader when it comes to churning out celebrities) and her beauty and grace is instantly recognizable. She’s like Canada’s Kiera Knightley, but less annoying.