Fun Meese Facts

Fun Meese Facts For Everyone!


1. The creature that usually pops up in everyone’s mind when they think of a moose is Alces Alces, the biggest species in the Deer family.

2. The word ‘moose’ actually descends from the Algonquin Native American language, whose original form was moos-u, meaning “he strips / cuts smoothly”. This was a reference not to the sound the moose makes but to his habit of stripping bark from trees.

3. In Canada, the moose is sometimes humorously called a “Newfoundland Speed Bump”, much like amateur surfers in Australia are affectionately called ‘shark biscuits’.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

4. There is no good reason to use the word ‘meese’ as a plural for moose, but love doesn’t need a reason. The instict to pluralise moose as meese is from the goose / geese plural form is incorrect because though they sound the same, goose has Germanic origins whereas the word moose comes from the Algonquin langauge.

5. A male moose is called a bull and a female moose is called a cow.

6. Moose are actually unique in the deer family in that they’re solitary and do not form herds like their deer cousins.

7.  While there have been some urban legends of their mean-spirited nature, moose are not generally aggressive towards humans. They usually only attack humans when they’re frightened.

8. Though the numbers say moose attack more people than both wolves and bears combined, you’re far less likely to suffer a fatal blow from a moose than a bear or a wolf. Maybe you shouldn’t try it though.