Best Canadian Stuff

640px-Male_MooseSo what’s the best Canadian stuff? We’ve got the definitive list right here… (spoiler alert: Justin Beiber is not on the list.)


Real Vermont Maple Syrup


Nobody really understands the awesomeness of maple syrup until they’ve tasted Vermont maple syrup. Its warm, rich flavour, sweetness and glossy texture knows no bounds when it comes to international acclaim and breakfast enjoyment. Whether it’s on pancakes, waffles or even ice cream, this syrup will make you want to rename your kids pretentious French names and start an Elk farm in Toronto.


Mooses, meese, mosinee, and all their friends


There is certainly no contest as to the greatest deer-like Canadian mammal. The moose takes it every time: from their gargantuan horns to their gentle, solitary nature (much like other residents of Canada,) they’ve got an amazing place in the hearts of Canadian people.

Maple Casino

This great online casino is as Canadian as beavers, maple syrup and of course meese. Every Canadian enjoys some time off on this great casino with its generous bonuses, amazing service and state of the art online casino games.


The Banff National Park


With the glacier-fed Moraine Lake as its main attraction, the Banff National Park is the jewel of Canada’s abundant nature reserves. From stunning views to an amazing treasury of rare and wild animals, Canada really treasures its amazing gifts of natural wonder.

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